Erin Hobbs – I’m Totally Addicted!

I had met the fabulous Susan Bloom Philips & was taking her bootcamps at a local gym I was also a member of. At the time, they had started eliminating all of the weight classes and only offering cardio.

erin hobbs - crossfit lake wylieI had hit a plateau and needed a new challenge. Susan let me know that she was coaching a new class at CFLKW, and thought I would fit in perfectly, as I’m always looking to challenge myself. So, I took her advice and signed up for what I believe is now called Crossfit Lite.

I’m not going to lie, I was severely intimidated, but to my own doing! After looking up some of the WOD’s, I was scared that I would fail, not be able to keep up with the other athletes, or give up and be back where I started. But, seeing all these awesome people smiling and wondering what lay beyond those doors, peaked my interest and I haven’t looked back since!

How has it changed? I’m totally addicted! I love my box! I’ve made tons of friends inside and out. Not just so-called “friends,” either. Good quality people & coaches who genuinely care about lifting each other up in every aspect. I look forward to joking around especially after a bad day, the box is sometimes the only thing that can bring me out of that rut. It’s my happy place!!

As I think about what my first ‘Bright Spot’ with CrossFit was, there are bright spots every time I get to click the Rx or see a star next to my name, but I would have to say my first one was pulling in that first afternoon after I’d joined as a full member, and being anxious to walk in. Tom was in the parking lot talking to Nick I believe. Tom walked over to my car where I expressed how nervous I was. He not only walked me in, but introduced me to everyone and they were all so welcoming. After that, I knew I was ok!

If you were to ask me what I’m currently working on, the answer would be Everything! I want to be the best at everything, and that’s a challenge in itself. I struggle with a lot of the gymnastics, but excel at the lifting. I try to focus on avoiding frustration and taking the coaches’ advice. At the end of the day, making it to the gym beats any workout sitting on a couch!

I’m also currently doing the CrossFit Open, mostly because Nick threatened me! Lol! Actually, it’s because I love a challenge and am interested in seeing how in just the 8 short months I’ve been a full time member, where I fall in line. I believe it’s always good to see where you’ve been, to know where your going 😉

In short, I’m not sure how other boxes are, but I know that ours is special. Every member is every other members’ cheerleader, and I feel that’s not something you find everywhere.

crossfit lake wylie erin h

Erin putting up some serious weight at a charity even last year. Go Erin!