“If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!”

We selected this month’s Member of the Month because she truly embodies the idea that CrossFit truly is for anyone and everyone!

Janet Glass - Member of the MonthJanet Glass is a stay at home mom with no shortage of outside responsibilities and activities. She’s been married for 30 years (as she says, “probably longer than most of your members are old…lol”), has two kids, a 15 year old daughter and a 13 year old son, and 1 rescue dog, 3 rescue cats, a horse and lots of other creatures. Her family has moved quite a bit (7 moves over the past 25 years), but they love the South.

When she’s not doing CrossFit, she loves spending time with my family and dog and she enjoys the outdoors: lawn & garden work, walking, fishing, etc.  She also enjoys reading and her favorite series so far as been The Game of Thrones.

Janet started CrossFit roughly two months ago because she was looking to have more energy, increase strength, improve her mobility, work on coordination and overall, set an example for her kids.

When asked what she enjoys about CrossFit and what her favorite workout is, she said,

“I love it all!!  Haven’t come across anything I don’t like yet. Having never experienced CrossFit prior to joining CrossFit Lake Wylie I wasn’t sure of all the different skills that would be taught.   There isn’t one thing yet that I’ve learned that I haven’t enjoyed.  I look forward to seeing the WOD and what challenge and fun I’ll have with it.

What I like most about CrossFit Lake Wylie is the positive atmosphere.  Coach Nick is awesome.  He’s always encouraging, always helping me improve my skills and he never gives up on you.  He’s incredibly patient.  The members are also encouraging.  Everyone is incredibly positive and upbeat.

To anyone that’s even just thinking about joining CrossFit Lake Wylie I’d say ‘You’ll absolutely love it. It’s addicting and you’ll be so incredibly happy that you did. Get in and sign up. IT’S SO WORTH IT!!!

One last note…….The day I miss a class, I feel sorry for my family. LOL”

You’ll usually find Janet at the 9am class so be sure to introduce yourself when you get a chance!