January Member of the Month – Justin Parham

This month’s Member of the Month is someone who’s name has been steadily climbing the Wodify Whiteboard – Justin Parham, a 22 year old power lineman for York Electric Cooperative. When he’s not working out at CFLKW you can usually find him off-roading, shooting guns, hunting and pretty much anything else outdoors.

justin parhamJustin started at CrossFit Lake Wylie roughly 7 months ago, he hasn’t missed more than a day or two since and his hard work has resulted in some fantastic progress. He hopes to obtain a better overall physique, to continue pushing myself to get better everyday and when asked what he enjoys most about CrossFit at CFLKW Justin said, “I like the atmosphere, positivity, the constant variance and the people. I know many people who dread working out, but for me I look forward to coming to CFLW everyday that I possibly can.”

Justin’s favorite WOD’s include anything with kettlebells, weights or body weight movements and he says Cindy and Power Elizabeth are two of his favorite named workouts. Looking forward, he wants to improve upon his double-unders (who doesn’t!?!) and any movements with weight overhead (OHS, Snatch, HSPU’s).

When asked what he would tell someone thinking about trying CrossFit for the first time he said, “Don’t knock it till you try it. It can be intimidating and you can get hurt if your not careful, but we have good coaches who explain the movements and watch to make sure you are moving correctly. I would say be careful if a beginner wanted to venture out by themselves and try it, but wouldn’t hesitate in sending them to CrossFit Lake Wylie.”

He says part of what makes CFLKW so great is the great coaches, good people, nice gym and the great equipment because after all, “Nothing is worse than bad equipment to work with.”

To anyone thinking about trying out CrossFit Lake Wylie he says, “Come try it out, but be careful because it gets addicting, especially if you are competitive. Pretty soon you will be here everyday trying to work on something or beat someone else’s time.”

If you’d like to check out CrossFit Lake Wylie, feel free to stop by or call us at (803) 701-7170 to schedule a tour of the facility.

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