“Loving Every Minute Of It” – Robin Cagle

This month’s Member Spotlight shines on Robin Cagle, a total sparkplug and ray of sunshine every time she comes in to workout. We asked Robin to share some of her experiences here at CrossFit Lake Wylie so everyone can understand why we say we have THE BEST fitness community in the Lake Wylie area.

Robin came to CrossFit Lake Wylie after watching a 60 minutes special on the man who started CrossFit. She saw CrossFit Lake Wylie about a year prior to the 60 Minutes special and was too scared to go check it out. Approximately a month after watching the special she sent Nick an email and asked about CrossFit.

robin cagle crossfit lake wylie

Robin at a recent joint workout with Fort Mill CrossFit. She’s apparently been quite camera shy so we’ll have to remedy that in the future!

Her first impression of CrossFit was, “There is no way I can do this. I’m almost 50 years old out of shape. There is no way!”

However, after reaching out to Nick via a phone call and asking a bunch of questions she was still skeptical that she wanted to do CrossFit or that she could even do it. Nick followed up and called her back a couple of times asking if she was going to come in and check out the box and Robin says she’s glad he made the calls because eventually she did and since then she’s been “loving every minute of it.”

When asked about what her biggest ‘success’ has been so far, Robin said that “it was actually doing it, sticking to it, being committed in making it a habit and most importantly LOVING IT!”

Robin is currently working on many of the skills we use in CrossFit, but the one she enjoys most is squatting. She said that, “when I first started I was squatting and was falling on my butt because I couldn’t do it properly. Nick kept showing me how to do a proper squat, I finally had an ‘aha moment’ and now I absolutely love it and can do more weight than I thought I ever could.

Not to mention watching Ali, that little bitty thing squats 165 like nobody’s business and I’m sure she could squat much more than that. She is truly an inspiration!”

Of all the experiences she’s had, one of her ‘favorite but not-so-favorite’ memories was when she did her on ramp classes and box jumps was something Ali was showing us. She was sure she could do it without any problem. She jumped up on the box and got so excited she fell off of it and landed on her backside.

Ultimately though, her favorite memories are the people that workout at the box because “they are so very encouraging it is awesome”.

Robin, THANK YOU for being a part of our CrossFit community and for bringing in your ray of sunshine every time you walk through the doors!

If you’re like Robin and don’t think you can do it, don’t worry because we know YOU CAN. CrossFit is for anyone that want to get stronger, lose weight, increase energy, regain their youthfulness and just live an overall healthier life. CFLKW has an incredibly encouraging and supportive community of like-minded people that are all here just waiting for the opportunity to help encourage you on your journey to better health and fitness.

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