Member Spotlight: Krista Beattie

This month’s Member Spotlight is shining brightly on one of our newest members, Krista Beattie.  Krista has been with CrossFit Lake Wylie for a few months now and has made incredible progress in a very short period of time. Every time she comes in to workout she has a huge smile on her face, gives everything she has and leaves looking forward to coming back for more.

Member Spotlight - Krista BeattieShe came to CrossFit Lake Wylie because she was looking for a change from the standard GYM workout and wanted something different. The more she learned about CrossFit, the more she became intrigued.

She says she was intimidated the first time she walked through the door, but with the “awesome group support and Nick’s coaching style” and the ability to modify workouts to meet her ability, she quickly overcame her intimidation. Now she says she doesn’t want to miss a single class!

When asked what one of her ‘Bright Spots’ were, she said, “WOW…. I have had so many since I started! What comes to mind right now is when I realized I was going to be able to stick with this because Nick would modify the WOD to where I could still make progress and not have to sit out of a class due to injury. [I’ve had] a lot of good times at CrossFit Lake Wylie and a recent one was squatting 85lbs, which was a first for me. Woot! Woot!”

Krista continues to push hard every day and feels a great sense of accomplishment knowing that whenever she walks out of a call, she’s improved each time.

If you’ve been in a class with Krista before, then you know exactly why we’ve chosen her as our Spotlight Member. If you haven’t met her, be sure to stop and introduce yourself next time you see her!

Thanks Krista for being a part of our CrossFit family and keep up the good work!