Nutritional Counseling Now Available!

Have you felt like you’ve been committed and consistent to your performance in the gym, but something is still missing? Would you like to have a little extra help to take your fitness level to an even higher level?

Well now you can with CFLKW’s Nutritional Coaching! 

With this program you’ll have Nick and Sarah’s knowledge and experience to help formulate a nutrition plan for you, your body and your unique situation. In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  • You’ll have an initial meeting at CFLKW to conduct a body fat % and muscle quality scan, as well as review your objectives and set some goals.
  • You’ll receive a basic breakdown of the core principals of nutrition to help you have an understanding of how we approach weight loss and muscle gain. This includes:
    • Macronutrients (what are they & why are they important?)
    • Meal frequency and timing (Best times of day to eat)
    • List of Bad/Good/Better/Best food options and resources for recipes
  • You’ll receive 24/7 email support.
  • We’ll also help you track your meals using pictures of your food and we’ll provide feedback to help you adjust and correct in order to stay on track. No worries about writing everything down and keeping track of confusing nutrition labels! 
  • After initial meeting, you will have a weekly phone call of 20 minutes to discuss details like what is and isn’t working and your trainer will make any adjustments necessary.
  • After 3 weeks we will conduct a re-scan to see results of body fat % and muscle quality scores.
  • After 4 weeks you can choose to continue on a month-to-month basis. 

Your investment to get access to this individualized nutritional coaching is just $119 for the first month and then $69 each month thereafter for CrossFit Lake Wylie members.

Not ready to join CrossFit Lake Wylie yet? No worries we have you covered too. You can get access to this individualized nutritional coaching is just $139 for the first month and then $89 each month thereafter for non-members.

After the initial month, each new month will begin with an in-gym meeting to discussion your progress and current goals, weekly 20 minute phone calls, and 24/7 assistance via email.

Finally, each month will end with another Body fat % and Muscle quality scan so you can see your progress!

To sign-up or to get any additional questions you might have answered, email, call or stop by after class.