Say ‘Hi!’ To Our New Cheer Coach!

As you no doubt know, every great team has their fans and cheerleaders, leading the charge, helping to create the energy and excitement and making sure everyone has the support they need when times get tough. Well, here at CrossFit Lake Wylie, while we could say that every single one of our members has played their part in cheering on and supporting everyone around them, there’s one person that is ALWAYS doing it.

Jamie S - CFLKW's Cheer CoachYou all know her (and if you don’t, it’s probably because you haven’t been in to workout in like…FOREVER!), you’ve probably heard about her obstacle race prowess (she does like 50 a year! Okay, not THAT many but it’s still a lot) and you can’t help but get excited when she’s around because of her infectious smile and uber-positive attitude. She’s also the one responsible for supplying many of the give-aways we’ve done during the some of the holiday or themed workouts (if you haven’t been, you NEED to show up and get in on the swag!).

It’s because of this infectious spirit, constant smile and supportive approach to everything about CFLKW, we’ve asked Jamie Semmelmann to be our designated Cheer Coach!

What does this mean? In a nutshell, it means that in addition to EVERYTHING she’s already doing to keep things positive and upbeat inside the gym, she’ll be taking on a more active role in helping us keep that same energy and excitement outside the gym as well. She’ll be following up with members about their recent PR’s, contacting you if we haven’t seen your smiling face around the gym in a while. soliciting your feedback about how things are going within the gym, helping us plan future socials (she has some GREAT ideas for these so stay tuned!), and gathering information for upcoming Member Spotlights.

Overall, Jamie’s really taken to heart the idea that CFLKW is a close-knit community and we’re excited to have her as part of our team in a more ‘official’ capacity. If she contacts you or asks for your feedback, PLEASE don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts, comments or suggestions. We’re constantly working to make this THE BEST fitness option in the area and we know Jamie’s efforts will help us to continue working to make that goal a reality.

If you don’t know Jamie, be sure to introduce yourself, but even if you don’t, chance are she’ll be reaching out to you very soon to introduce herself to you!