The CrossFit Lake Wylie Grizzly Shark Club

Ahhhh…the mystical, magical grizzly shark. An atypical pairing of creatures that collectively are tough, rugged, scared of nothing, armed to the teeth with a laser beam and machine gun, and more than willing to get in a brutal struggle to not just survive, but ultimately thrive in whatever environment they are thrown into. This combo is intense, surprisingly strong, agile and has considerable endurance.

Now, just like the unicorn, the grizzly shark has traditionally only existed in the wild imaginations of comic book artists, Hollywood directors and CrossFit box owners with too much time on their hands.

Until now that is.

You see, here at CrossFit Lake Wylie we firmly believe there are a handful of focused and dedicated people that exemplify the same qualities as the mystical grizzly shark. These people work hard both inside AND outside the box, tackling significant responsibilities outside of the gym, while simultaneously dedicating themselves to doing everything possible to improve their health, gain strength, lose weight and do things that most mortals wouldn’t even consider.

The only problem, is that there really hasn’t been a good way to identify and then qualify these unicorns.  Until now that is.

Introducing the CrossFit Lake Wylie Grizzly Shark Club

CFLKW Grizzly Shark Club

What is the Grizzly Shark Club?

The CFLKW Grizzly Shark Club is a way to identify and qualify those athletes that have set themselves apart as someone willing to go above and beyond the usual participation standards. It includes those that have committed themselves over an extended period of time to working out consistently, monitoring their nutrition and sleep, and doing important, but often overlooked accessory work.

How Does One Get Admitted to the Grizzly Shark Club?

First off, there is a significant price of admission into this club. This price, however, cannot be paid in cash.

The currency required for this club is hard work, consistent effort and a dedication to improving your fitness through proper nutrition and rest.

Specifically, over a period of 90 days, you must:

  1. Workout AND track your workout AT LEAST 5 days per week.
    • This does not mean you need to workout in the box, BUT you must do some type of workout. There is any possible combination of travel or ‘at-home’ WOD’s you could do.
    • You must track your workout in SugarWOD, both on the days you do the box’s WOD or an ‘at-home’ WOD
  2. Track your daily nutrition EVERYDAY using the MyFitnessPal app (available for both iPhone and Adroid devices – it’s super-easy to enter the food you’re eating, either by searching their extensive database of food items OR by scanning the item’s barcode).
    • There is not a specific daily macro requirement, but you must track the food you eat to help you be aware of what you’re putting in your body.
    • You must set your MFP profile link to ‘public’ so we can review your food journal to verify it’s being recorded.
  3. Track your sleep EVERYDAY using the MyFitnessPal app. This requires an additional setup step and instructions can be found here.
    • There is not a specific daily sleep requirement, but you should be aware of the amount of sleep you’re getting each day.
  4. Complete each monthly CFLKW Challenge.
    • The challenge will be different each month so the requirements will vary each month as well. Depending on the challenge, your efforts should be tracked as well and the specific application for recording your results will be noted in the challenge instructions.

Earn A T-Shirt EXCLUSIVE to the Grizzly Shark Club 

Those that complete these requirements over a 90-day window will be recognized publicly (your name will be listed on the wall of the box) and will receive the exclusive Grizzly Shark t-shirt, something that cannot be purchased with money and is ONLY available to those that meet the admission standards listed above.

The Grizzly Shark Club is for EVERYONE

As you can hopefully see, the Grizzly Shark Club is available to absolutely EVERYONE. There aren’t specific weight or time requirements, there isn’t a certain diet you need to follow, and you could pull all-nighters every day of the week if you choose. This is all intentional.

All that is required is consistent, dedicated effort towards improving your health and fitness. This is something EVERYONE can do so really, the only barrier to entry is your willingness to dedicate yourself to hold yourself accountable.

To get started on your journey to being recognized as a CFLKW Grizzly Shark, just show up and track your progress via SugarWOD and MyFitnessPal and we’ll do the rest.