Commandment #1: Take Owernship

CrossFit Lake Wylie’s Commandment #1 – Take Ownership

Anytime you become a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie, you’re asked to review and sign off on our 10 Commandments.  These are 10 rules or philosophies we try to live by as a community. Now, even though these commandments are primarily for what happens inside the box, most of these rules apply to life outside Read more about CrossFit Lake Wylie’s Commandment #1 – Take Ownership[…]

No Excuses Travel WOD’s

Hitting the road for a few days (or maybe weeks) and don’t want to miss out on getting in a good workout?  Or better yet, don’t want to miss out on securing your spot in the exclusive CrossFit Lake Wylie Grizzly Shark Club? Well have no fear, travel WOD’s are here!   What’s a travel Read more about No Excuses Travel WOD’s[…]

Nutritional Counseling Now Available!

Have you felt like you’ve been committed and consistent to your performance in the gym, but something is still missing? Would you like to have a little extra help to take your fitness level to an even higher level? Well now you can with CFLKW’s Nutritional Coaching!  With this program you’ll have Nick and Sarah’s Read more about Nutritional Counseling Now Available![…]

5 Lessons To Get Better At CrossFit From Jason Khalipa

Unless you’re completely new to CrossFit or don’t really pay much attention to the broader CrossFit community, chances are you’re very familiar with the name Jason Khalipa.  Jason earned the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” by winning the 2008 CrossFit games and until this past year, he’s been a fixture at the games. In Read more about 5 Lessons To Get Better At CrossFit From Jason Khalipa[…]

Food Prep 101- Planning Ahead

Working in the health industry, I have run the gauntlet on excuses. One of my favorite games is trying to counter each and every one of them so that someone slowly runs out and starts looking at me with wide-eyed panic, realizing that at some point they will have to admit that they just don’t Read more about Food Prep 101- Planning Ahead[…]

Baryn Haas

Baryn Haas

Baryn began CrossFit in January of 2008 after returning to Charlotte after college.  His step-mother had been a member of CrossFit Charlotte for approximately 6 months by then and she encouraged him to give it a try as he was in need of something to help him stay in shape and fuel his competitive side after playing club-level lacrosse at NC State University. He was Read more about Baryn Haas[…]