Shoulder Mobility – Some Tips for Fixing Shoulder Mobility Issues

One of the common issues with athletes that come into the gym (and really just in general) is shoulder mobility and how it translates to being able to effectively lockout your arms overhead with any type of pressing movement – push press, handstand pushups, snatch, etc.  If you have a job that requires you to spend any significant amount of time sitting (at a desk, in a car, etc), if you’re hunched over a keyboard or even if you’re just not able to actively engage your shoulders on a consistent basis, you could suffer from shoulder mobility issues.

CrossFit Lake Wylie’s head coach, Nick, offers some pointers on how to improve your shoulder mobility. While most assume the issues are concentrated just in the shoulders, in many cases the issue could also be related to some tightness or ‘stickiness’ in the front of the shoulders and upper pectorals, specifically the pec minor.

In the following video, Nick offers some things you can do to loosen up this area using a simple tennis ball or lacrosse ball:

In this second video, Nick offers some tips for how you can loosen up your shoulders in order to improve your overall shoulder mobility:

Here’s another video showing a very simple warm-up routine for your shoulders that can be done in just a few minutes using a Rogue red band:

As with anything, improving your mobility and flexibility in your shoulders requires consistent work and attention. Anyone that has good mobility didn’t get there by accident or without effort.

Take a few minutes before or after each class to work on improving your shoulder mobility and overtime, you’ll be the one we’re looking to as an example of excellent shoulder strength and mobility!