Commandment #1: Take Owernship

CrossFit Lake Wylie’s Commandment #1 – Take Ownership

Anytime you become a member of CrossFit Lake Wylie, you’re asked to review and sign off on our 10 Commandments.  These are 10 rules or philosophies we try to live by as a community. Now, even though these commandments are primarily for what happens inside the box, most of these rules apply to life outside Read more about CrossFit Lake Wylie’s Commandment #1 – Take Ownership[…]

CFLKW Grizzly Shark Club

The CrossFit Lake Wylie Grizzly Shark Club

Ahhhh…the mystical, magical grizzly shark. An atypical pairing of creatures that collectively are tough, rugged, scared of nothing, armed to the teeth with a laser beam and machine gun, and more than willing to get in a brutal struggle to not just survive, but ultimately thrive in whatever environment they are thrown into. This combo is Read more about The CrossFit Lake Wylie Grizzly Shark Club[…]

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New Year? Meet the New You.

In the middle of recovering from Thanksgiving’s never-ending parade of food and preparing for the assault of holiday food to come, many of us begin to think about the influence of this time of year on our health. Come January, millions of Americans will be investing in gym memberships, fitness classes, and nutritional programs to Read more about New Year? Meet the New You.[…]

CrossFit Lake Wylie Member Spotlight

“I Was Looking To Get My Groove Back”

This month’s member spotlight shines on one of our new members, Tara Nesbit. Tara hasn’t been a member for very long, but in her short time at CrossFit Lake Wylie she’s made a big impact with her hard work and determination. She started at CFLKW because she “was looking to get [her] groove back” and Read more about “I Was Looking To Get My Groove Back”[…]

Common Questions About CrossFit

5 Common Questions About Starting CrossFit

Starting CrossFit can be an intimidating step towards a better life.  Most people think of CrossFit as a wild group of meatheads who sling  heavy barbells around and blast music while they work out to the point of exhaustion. Having that perception could make anyone hesitate to walking through the doors of a CrossFit gym. Read more about 5 Common Questions About Starting CrossFit[…]

March 2014 Member of the Month

“Athlete of the Month” is a program that we have wanted to implement as soon as possible. So you may be wondering, what exactly makes up an Athlete of the Month? It’s not that this person is able to Rx every workout, lift the most weight or do every movement with perfect form. What makes an Read more about March 2014 Member of the Month[…]

“What Should I Expect With Each Workout?”

We wanted to make another post to share some helpful information as you begin your CrossFit journey with us. If you didn’t have a chance to read the previous where that talks about what exactly CrossFit is, you can catch it here in here: First off, please understand that these first few weeks might Read more about “What Should I Expect With Each Workout?”[…]