8 Reasons Why CrossFit Should Be Your Workout Of Choice

Has your usual workout routine gotten stale? Are you bored at the gym? Are you struggling to get the results you’re after?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for you to learn more about the fastest-growing fitness trend that has been sweeping the globe – CrossFit.

CrossFit Lake Wylie Community
Chances are you’ve heard about CrossFit. Maybe you’ve seen one of the countless ‘CrossFit Fail’ videos found on YouTube (by the way, most of the people in those videos AREN’T doing CrossFit!) or perhaps you have a friend or two that has gotten involved and they won’t stop talking about it (for good reason).

At any rate, CrossFit is one of the most intense workout routines you could possibly experience because of the way it combines weight training, gymnastics and cardiovascular into one to help you become a well-round fitness machine.

Unlike other types of workouts, the goal of CrossFit is to have functional fitness – to push every part of your body as far as possible to give you the strength, flexibility and endurance necessary to tackle whatever life throws your way.

Still not convinced? Read on to find out why CrossFit really is the workout you should be doing is you’re serious about losing weight, increasing strength, improving your endurance or simply having more energy for life.


If you’re used to workouts where you mosey your way around the gym, doing a couple of sets of some type of barbell press, chatting with the usual suspects doing the same types of work, never really raising your heart rate too high or sweating to heavily, then CrossFit is going to be a dramatic shift from what you’re used to.

If your current workout is a light cup of coffee that wakes you up slowly, CrossFit is a shot of adrenaline straight into your main artery. From the moment you walk in the door, it’s a fast-paced, intense workout that can range anywhere from a few short minutes in length to as much as half an hour.

While the workout might involve three or four routines such as air squats, pull-ups (scaled down versions if you can’t do them), burpees or jumping rope, it’s going to be a condensed, high-intensity workout that will definitely leave you feeling like you gave it everything you have.

In other words, it’s a concentrated shot of exercise meant to push you to the limits – in a good way of course.


Intensity is the key to CrossFit, but hidden in that statement is the face that once you’re in the middle of a workout you find yourself pushing yourself as hard as possible without even realizing it.

Everyone wants to see results, unfortunately, not everyone’s willing to put in the effort. In a regular gym, it’s easy to sandbag it and give less than your best effort or take breaks longer than necessary. CrossFit on the other hand is designed so you don’t have any option other than to max yourself out.

Listen, effort is the key to ANY workout. With CrossFit, because each workout is designed to maximize your effort every time you reach your goals much sooner.

Short WODs

Don’t have the time to spend an extra hour on a treadmill going nowhere fast? If you’re like most and the answer is yes, the CrossFit Workouts of the Day (or WODs for short) are just what the doctor ordered.

One of the biggest benefits of CrossFit is that you can get in a complete, sweat-inducing workout in a matter of minutes – literally.

A typical CrossFit workout could last anywhere from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. In that time frame you could be asked to do a sequence of exercises as quickly as possible or you may have to do as many rounds as possible of a specific sequence.

Either way, by the end of each workout and because of the intensity and effort mentioned previously, you’ll have burned more calories than you would have had you lollygagged your way through a regular workout.

Again, CrossFit is faster and more effective than the alternative.


CrossFit Lake Wylie Community Is KeyAt most gyms you find a collection of random people focused on their own, unique exercise routine. At a CrossFit box however (that’s the term CrossFitters use to describe their gym), you’ll find much more than a group of random, single-minded people. What you’ll find is a community.

To begin with, CrossFit is all about competing against yourself, not against anyone else. Second, because the workouts are done as a group, everyone you’re working out with usually ends up encouraging you and pushing you do do even more.

CrossFitters all have the same goal in mind – get in the best possible shape. With this goal in mind, everyone is on the same team, working towards the same objective and as a result, the community aspect of CrossFit makes it even more effective than anything you’ve ever experienced previously.

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Every class is lead by a certified instructor. You didn’t really think you were doing these intense workouts on your own or unsupervised, did you?

CrossFit instructors are trained to not only provide thorough instructions for all of the movements, they’re also there to motivate, encourage and help you modify the workouts to your ability level.

If you’ve ever thought about getting a personal trainer, a membership to a CrossFit box already has one built in.


Describing a typical CrossFit workout can be hard to do because they’re so varied and multi-dimensional. At CrossFit you’re not just doing reps to bulk up or climbing steps to nowhere.

While there is definitely weightlifting involved, it’s not your traditional basic weightlifting circuit. It’s a program that mixes in a variety of different exercise that involve barbells, kettlebells, body-weight movements, running, and jumping, all designed to push your body to its limits.

When you add all the different types of workouts and movements involved, it equals a fitness routine that will never leave you disinterested in the gym and a body that is strong, lean and full of energy.

As CrossFitters like to say, CrossFit’s specialty is not specializing. Because it’s constantly changing, it keeps you body and mind from getting bored.

Weakness Can’t Hide

With so many different challenges presented by CrossFit, you won’t be able to hide from any of your weaknesses.

Are you a power lifter, focused exclusively on the glory muscles? Your cardio, endurance and conditioning will be exposed.

Are you a marathon runner that can run miles on end? Your overall strength will most likely be challenged and you’ll grow athletically in ways you never imagined possible.

The goals is CrossFit isn’t to make you super-strong, super-fast or super-flexible. It’s to make you pretty strong, pretty fast and pretty flexible, as well as pretty good at a lot of other things too.

CrossFit truly is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades workout and absolutely nothing gets left behind.

All The Girls Are Doing It

If you thought CrossFit was just a guy thing, think again. Because the goal is overall physical preparedness as opposed to simply adding brute strength, lots of women are drawn to CrossFit as well.

In fact, you’d be surprised to find out that the majority of participants are actually women, by as much as 70-30 in some CrossFit boxes. And you be sure that the women who can make it through a CrossFit workout are going to have a great body!

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