New Year? Meet the New You.

In the middle of recovering from Thanksgiving’s never-ending parade of food and preparing for the assault of holiday food to come, many of us begin to think about the influence of this time of year on our health. Come January, millions of Americans will be investing in gym memberships, fitness classes, and nutritional programs to shed the extra weight, and maybe a bit more that had accumulated over the course of the year. By Valentine’s Day, though, most will have fallen back into old habits and will start the same resolution next year to be healthier.

Why not make “next year” this one?

For anyone wishing to really kick off 2016 right, not to mention shed any of that end-of-year extra padding, CrossFit Lake Wylie provides the perfect atmosphere and support to get through even the worst stress eating. You deserve a rewarding fitness experience after enduring with all of those unhealthy habits from dealing with your cousins and in-laws fighting over pie.

More than that, you owe it to yourself to put an end to the cycle of “later” when it comes to putting yourself and your well-being first.

FREE Introduction

crossfit lake wylie erin hTo those on the fence about their 2016 fitness goals, we invite you to step inside the box with us and check out our FREE No Sweat Intro. After all of the funds you’ve had to drop thanks to the holidays, isn’t it a relief to hear the word “Free?” It’s even better when that word is tied to something that could be the beginning of the healthiest version of you.

In the FREE (such a great word…) introduction, you get to meet the coaches, get a feel for the space and equipment, and go through a WOD (workout of the day) with like-minded people who are as committed to seeing you improve as they are to seeing results in themselves. Have questions about CrossFit? Great! They can be answered in this class. Want to try it out to see if it will work for you? Go for it! We want you to have the best 2016 you can, and that starts with taking your first step. Why not take it with us, at no cost to you?

For more information on our No Sweat Intro, CLICK HERE.

Ramp it Up

In years past, have you believed that going to the gym on your own would yield the same results as consulting a qualified trainer? In years past, have the results been disappointing?

In order to see the best results, many need someone familiar with proper, safe techniques to really make sure they hit their goals. If you choose to join a gym rather than take part in a program with a more personal touch, then you’re really only renting exercise equipment without any guidance on how to use it to target your problem areas, let alone how to perform without causing injury.

You have some idea now on best practices now thanks to the No Sweat Intro, but what to do next?

Are you worried we’re going to through you to the sharks? Not a chance. All new members are required to take a 3-session On-Ramp Personal Training course to get them even more comfortable with CrossFit to ensure they are performing to the best of their abilities.

Here, our certified coaches want to ensure that everyone has a safe, fun workout, which is why we ease everyone—couch potatoes to Olympians—into the program. In these one-hour sessions, you will be given a deeper look into the methodology and techniques of CrossFit, as well as a personalized look at what is safest and best for you.

We are just as committed to you having a successful, healthy 2016 as you are.

The best way to make sure of this? To not only start you off on the right foot, but to help prevent you from losing your balance.

Part of the Group

A factor that can easily topple someone from being fully focused on their fitness goals to falling off the wagon is a lack of support. Here at CrossFit Lake Wylie, we are committed to not only teaching you the best techniques to get to your peak, but to cheer you on while you get there!

After you complete the On-Ramp Personal Training program, you are ready to begin regular classes. Don’t be intimidated. We cater to people of different ages, sizes, activity levels, etc. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you’ve ever worked out or if you’re a seasoned pro, everyone from the coaches to your fellow members want to support you.

Instead of silently challenging the stranger next to you on the elliptical at the gym (or was that just me?), you will be in classes of 6-10 people who simultaneously push you and support you. While getting into the best shape of your life, you will also be with like-minded people who are there to be both competitor and ally depending on what you need. Many here have developed friendships with their fellow members, and it is those personal connections that have helped keep many on the right track.

At CrossFit Lake Wylie, we want each person to be pushed to their individual limits, and we pride ourselves on providing an environment that encourages personal growth within a community.

If this year’s healthy living resolution ends with friendships, it’s just an added bonus.


Working With a Personal TrainerFor a few of us introverts out there, the idea of group workouts, especially when just beginning a fitness program, is about as appealing as dealing with those horrible cousins and fruitcakes again. While CrossFit Lake Wylie provides a supportive, community atmosphere with our group classes, we understand that this may not be the best fit for everyone, especially those just starting with concerns about struggling in front of more seasoned members.

If this is you, we offer personal training sessions that will not only get you on a better footing with CrossFit, but target what works best for you.

Did you take the On-Ramp courses and still feel unsure? Try a 30-minute one-on-one session with our of our trained coaches to get you more into the groove of CrossFit, not to mention boost your confidence. Starting at just $45 for the 30-minute option and $60 for 60-minutes (savings start at a purchase of 5-sessions), these sessions give you an even more personalized touch to the approaches that work best for you.

So, What Do You Say?

The best part of CrossFit, and about our box here at Lake Wylie, is that you are constantly encouraged to do what’s best for you. We don’t want to lump you into a group without ever getting to know your goals or concerns. There is nothing we want more than to see each of our members be the healthiest they can be and to enjoy themselves on their journey to better living.

We wish you a wonderful end to your 2015, and look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Want more information? Stop by and visit or call us at 803-610-1350.