October 6, 2014

Personal Training Program

We have no long-term contracts, no upfront fees.

CrossFit Lake Wylie’s Personal Training program is our unique way of introducing CrossFit to everyone that walks through our doors. Whether you come from a sedentary, active, or an athletic lifestyle, our program is for you

Personal training ensures each client receives the best personalized and individual attention to ensure knowledge and safety of the movements. Our Personal Training program is modeled after our regular CrossFit program to ensure an easy transition if you decide you want to do CrossFit group classes.

DSC_2564At CrossFit Lake Wylie our coaches “CARE” for each member/client that in-trust in us to help them reach their health and fitness goals.

CARE is more than just a four-letter word at CrossFit Lake Wylie. It also stands for our “Clients Are Really Everything.”

Our coach’s goal is to help you develop a Life Long Love for Fitness and help you accomplish the goals you have.

Our coaches all love helping people and all our personal training includes, goal –setting, personalized workouts, exercise homework to help you improve. We are part Coach, trainer, cheerleader, friend, and your biggest fan.

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