5 Lessons To Get Better At CrossFit From Jason Khalipa

Unless you’re completely new to CrossFit or don’t really pay much attention to the broader CrossFit community, chances are you’re very familiar with the name Jason Khalipa.  Jason earned the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” by winning the 2008 CrossFit games and until this past year, he’s been a fixture at the games.

In addition to being one of the most recognizable and successful CrossFit athletes, Jason also is a very well respected CrossFit coach, ambassador and gym owner.  He runs NorCal CrossFit, teaches other box owners how to be successful as gym owners and does a great deal to promote the sport of CrossFit across the globe.

So, how is it Jason Khalipa can help you become better at Crossfit?

Here are tips from the legend himself on how you can improve in CrossFit:


jason-khalipaHaving participated in CrossFit at the highest levels of the sport, he’s seen first hand just how varied the competition workouts can be.  The same goes for any workout you’d find in any CrossFit gym, like CrossFit Lake Wylie.

The key to maximum success is to simply be prepared for anything and everything.  While other sports focus on specialization in a few key areas, that’s simply not possible in CrossFit.  Because you never know what the day’s workout will include, you have to be prepared for anything and be ready to discover your weaknesses.

Yes, realizing you’re weak in a particular area can be humbling, but there are lots of things that humble us in life and CrossFit in no different.


“That’s the way I like to look at it. People who understand CrossFit, they think AMRAP—as many reps as possible. You’re in the middle of an AMRAP and your phone goes off. Are you going to answer it? Hell no. If I’m at work, answering e-mails or on calls, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not doing anything but [that]. If I’m home with my daughter, that’s what I’m doing. So, no: My phone is put aside and I’m AMRAP’ing it.”

That’s the guidance Khalipa would give anyone aiming to add significant training into a hectic work/life schedule. This is the approach he takes when he’s preparing for a high level competition amd it’s the approach he recommends in life as well. Focus on what you’re doing at the moment and don’t think about anything else. Be present and make the most of whatever you’re doing.


When it comes to weight loss or weight gain, Khalipa tells people to start by looking at what they’re consuming. CrossFit is so diverse and you’re stressing the body in so many different ways that generally, just by showing up and putting in the work, you’re making progress towards your goals.

However, Khalipa does recommend meat, nuts and veggies and to keep the food simple. If it comes in a box or has a ton of different active ingredients in it, he most likely won’t be consuming it.

He typically doesn’t eat big meals and throughout the day he tries to keep a state of not actually being hungry.  On the flip-side, he also tries to maintain a state of not ever being ‘too full’, but ‘just satisfied’. With this approach, he could work out throughout the day and it’s not too big a deal. He typically consumers a bigger dinner, generally trying to stick to the paleo principles of high quality protein and lots of natural, healthy veggies.

A typical day for Jason resembles this:

  • Morning meal:
    Scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes and avocado
    Coffee with whole milk, to cut down sugar
  • Lunch:
    Salad with grilled shrimp as well as balsamic clothing
  • Dinner
    Fish tacos with almond-flour tortillas, brussels sprouts with bacon


“Instead of rushing through stretches after a workout when you’re not really focused, in yoga, you’re spending a full hour focusing on your breathing, your mobility and just relaxing. I’ll go once or twice a week, minimum.”


Competitors in the CrossFit Games make deadlifting 400 pounds look easy. Why? It’s because they’ve already done it a gazillion times with a fraction of that weight.

“For any exercise, you have to first perfect your technique and movement, then increase the load.”

Occasionally, going back to just the barbell for a set is the smartest thing you can do.

Use These Five Points To Improve Overall

Ultimately, as you look to improve not just your performance in the gym, but also to increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and energy both inside and outside the gym, keep these five points in mind. They’ve helped Jason become one of the god-fathers of CrossFit and they’ll undoubtedly help you improve overall as well!

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