October’s Athlete of the Month – Laura Moore

This month’s Athlete of the Month is someone who’s no stranger to hard work and high level competition. Having competed as a middle distance runner in the Division 1 Nationals for both indoor and outdoor track and cross country, Laura Moore came to CrossFit Lake Wylie looking for new ways to challenge herself physically.

laura-mNot only did she run at a high level in college (about 1,000 years ago according to Laura), but she’s has also completed two marathons (best time was 3:34), one Warrior Dash, and “way too many road races”. Unfortunately, as a result of so much running over the years she now deals with Achilles tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis in her left foot.

She initially started with CrossFit doing the CrossFit Lite program for over a year and once that class took a break over the Summer, she decided to continue with the regular CrossFit class and has been making great strides since she started in May.

One of Laura’s goals with CrossFit is to become “functionally stronger and more flexible” and she said that she would “love to to be able to do one “real” pull up and several toes to bar (but I’ve got a long way to go)!” She also said she’d like to learn to get deeper on her squats over the next few months.

Her favorite workouts are the bootcamp style Metcon workouts and when asked what she enjoys most about CrossFit she said, “I value most the challenging workouts and support of the other members.  In the end, we all are really just competing against ourselves, but we get to do it together as a group and share the experience.”

To anyone considering trying CrossFit she says, “Jump right in – but listen to your body.  Everyone will support you whatever your workout modifications are, so it’s super fun, and everyone just wants to be a better athlete for themselves, so it’s not really a competition between members.  And because there always are modifications, you will always get a workout you can do and one that will really challenge you!”

As far as what makes CrossFit Lake Wylie such a great ‘box’, “You can do Crossfit lots of places and get a great workout but you can only workout with Janet, Tara, Jaime, Stacey, Mike, Jeff, Nick and Adam at Crossfit Lake Wylie (just to name a few great people, there are many more!).”

When Laura’s not working on her squats or leaving everyone in her dust during the runs, she works for my family investment partnership doing accounting and record keeping in a small office with two other employees.  Her husband works for Wells Fargo and is an avid bass fisherman and together they have two kids, ages 8 and 11.

She also loves going to Carolina Panthers games and enjoys watching her kids kick a soccer ball.  Snow skiing is her favorite all time sport but she only goes skiing once a year.  She says “Dancing to teeny bopper music is always fun too” so next time you hear it playing during a 9am class, chances are you have Laura to thank/blame.

Thanks Laura for being such a great addition to our CrossFit Lake Wylie community!