No Excuses Travel WOD’s

Hitting the road for a few days (or maybe weeks) and don’t want to miss out on getting in a good workout?  Or better yet, don’t want to miss out on securing your spot in the exclusive CrossFit Lake Wylie Grizzly Shark Club? Well have no fear, travel WOD’s are here!   What’s a travel Read more about No Excuses Travel WOD’s[…]

Five Lies and a Truth About CrossFit

Over the last five years, few fitness regimens have received the amount of polarizing attention as CrossFit. For those new to the term, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program conceived in California in 2000 and now boasts thousands of locations (or “boxes”—more on that later) across the country. Chances are, you’ve seen one of Read more about Five Lies and a Truth About CrossFit[…]