November’s Athlete of the Month – Paul Boggs

This month’s Athlete of the Month has been a steady presence in the Lake Wylie area now for over a decade, but has only been a part of the CFLKW community now for the last five months. In those 5 months he’s made steady, significant progress and has shown a determination and willingness to put in the hard work, some of the reasons we chose him.

Paul Boggs Getting StrongerPaul has a wife and one year old daughter that monopolizes any free time he has. He also enjoy fly fishing, fishing locally as often as possible and a couple of saltwater trips a year, either to the coast or the Caribbean.

Before joining CrossFit Lake Wylie, he did mostly power lifting type workouts 3-4 times a week with the goal of getting bigger. After years of working out this way, he was having more and more nagging injuries and more and more unwanted weight gain.

As his metabolism slowed, muscle was being covered up with fat and he started adding cardio to my workouts, even up to the point that cardio would become the majority of his workouts. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to get the desired results and even though he was spending more and more time in the gym, he was slowly gaining weight.

Since trying CrossFit, he says, “It feels like I’ve turned back the clock five years and still have a chance to go back more. I have lost weight, added lean muscle again, improved my energy and focus. I can’t explain why it works as well as it does but somehow I’m working out less time than before with better results.”

When asked what he likes most about CrossFit Lake Wylie he says, “It’s a great workout, but also a place with great people. It starts with the quality of the coaching and spreads to  everyone else who is there to improve themselves and see you improve at the same time. It’s as close as you can get to a team atmosphere inside of a gym.”

Thanks Paul for being such a great example and for pushing us all to be our best!